Experts in all things property


Property Advisory’s core services can be broadly described as:

  1. Valuation
  2. Property Consultancy
  3. Consultancy
  4. Due Diligence
  5. Expert Evidence

Our unique combination of skills, experience and expertise enables us to be involved in a diverse range of projects and over a wide range of industry sectors. Click on any of the above links for further information about each.


Valuation is our primary business focus. Key services include:

Rural and Lifestyle Properties

  • Market value appraisals
  • Dwelling and curtilage apportionments
  • Rental assessments

Commercial and Industrial Properties

  • Market value appraisals
  • Rental assessments
  • Insurance valuations
  • Financial disclosure and mortgage security valuations

Leasehold Properties

  • Rental assessments
  • Partial interest apportionments
  • Lease document reviews

Property Consultancy

Property Consultancy is one of the areas in which we distinguish ourselves. This is an area that we are actively involved in and which we believe we do particularly well. The work can be difficult and challenging but it is an area in which we have built an enviable reputation. Services include:

Rural and Lifestyle Properties

  • Market value analysis
  • Dwelling and cartilage appointments
  • Rental assessments

Rural and Lifestyle Properties

  • Market value analysis
  • Dwelling and cartilage appointments
  • Rental assessments


As a result of our knowledge and expertise in some key specialist areas, Property Advisory is able to consult and offer services in various niche fields including:

  • Compensation assessments
  • Right of way / easement valuations
  • Rating assessment reviews
  • Market research and survey analysis
  • Arbitration and dispute resolution support

Due Diligence

Due Diligence support requires a unique blend of skills and experience. This area of expertise is where Property Advisory can leverage across the diverse skill base of the team and our network of intermediaries. Our ability to provide these services sets us apart from many other valuation service providers. Services include:

  • Identification of potential acquisition opportunities
  • Land / asset acquisition feasibility analysis
  • Economic / financial analysis
  • Market research and analysis

Expert Evidence

We have experience in providing expert evidence in support of our valuation opinions. This has included the delivery of evidence in the:

  • Land Valuation Tribunal
  • Environmental Court
  • Private Arbitrations