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Terms of Engagement

The Services

  • The services are specialist valuation and property consultancy services (the “Services”). We are legally qualified registered valuers under Section 35 of the Valuers Act 1948  and can provide the full range of valuation  advice and consultancy services.
  • We are able to provide independent and impartial valuation advice in regards to real property assets. Our focus is primary industry assets with additional specific areas of expertise available on request.
  • If you have any concerns, at any time, about our services or charges please speak to us immediately so we can discuss and resolve these issues.

Fees and Disbursements

  • Our charges are generally on an hourly rate with a fee based charge. Our current hourly rate for specialist valuation and consultancy advice is $180.00. In setting this fee we may also take into account other factors such as the value added, the degree of complexity and the degree of urgency. We may also take into account the benefit to you of providing you with already developed precedents / intellectual property.
  • Where we provide an estimate of the likely fees, the actual fees may differ from the estimate if the scope or nature of the matter changes, if our role changes or if other circumstances arise which means the level of our involvement is greater than anticipated. In such circumstances we will discuss with you any possible increase before undertaking further work.
  • We will charge you any amount charged to us by others for services provided on your behalf (for example title access, travel, specific consultant advice).


  • Invoices are issued on completion of work. All  fees are exclusive of GST. Accounts are payable within 20 days of receipt of the invoice.